Managing health and safety as a small business owner is time-consuming and difficult, we get it and that’s why we have developed affordable health and safety software, designed to make your life easier!

Let’s face it, you’re no health and safety expert, and yet under the HSWA 2015, you are expected to be. My Safety Guru provides you with everything you need so throw away that health and safety manual and get in the cloud!

My Safety Guru is intuitive and cost-effective cloud-based health and safety software designed to take the pain out of managing health and safety in your business. My Safety Guru lends a hand with the tough stuff by giving you access to a library of policies and a database of hazards to use as a base for your hazard registers. My Safety Guru helps you with compliance by notifying you of accidents and new hazards and also ensures your people acknowledge any changes for your records.

My Safety Guru breaks health and safety management down into four easy-to-digest modules to make compliance and keeping your people safe easy.

We do the thinking for you…



Safety starts with education, it may sound daunting but My Safety Guru gives you a kick start with pre-written and compliant policy for you to use and edit.



The manage module makes managing risks, hazards and incidents simple and efficient. Choose from a library of risks, hazards and possible controls to choose from to help you build your register from the ground up.



When working with other companies to get a job done, collaboration is a must under the new law. My Safety Guru makes collaborating with contractors or other parties easy and very cost effective providing you with a funky tool that does all the hard work for you.



As a business owner, it is essential that you are informed about trends and H&S related activity in your business. The monitor module provides you with real time reporting – any time! You can choose from a wide range of analytics designed to make spotting trends and keeping in the loop easy!

Want to know why Health and Safety Software is the way to go? See what does the new H&S Legislation look like for your business…

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