Copy of Copy of The twelve myths of Christmas – how Elf and Safety ruined Christmas!

The twelve myths of Christmas

“Health and Safety, that’s the reason we can have no fun”! We hear that a lot and it’s simply not the case! You’ll have to find another excuse this year because have taken some of the funniest things Health and Safety is cited for during the festive season and have busted those myths! Myth #1 […]

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Leadership…and why it’s critical to sending people home safe!

As the saying goes, Health and Safety is something that is, not something you do. Well….not so much! Health and safety, believe it or not is something you do, and you do it every day both at home without even knowing it. Every day when you get in your car you wear your safety belt. […]

Why you should care about staff wellbeing

Wellbeing or wellness is often deemed as one of those airy fairy nice-to-have options that small business owners can’t afford and besides, it’s just a black hole of cost, right?  If that’s what you think, then listen up because you are dead wrong!  Wellbeing of your employees should be front of mind because healthy people = healthy bottom line. […]

Health and Safety

Employees returning to work from injury & making ACC your BFF!

Employees returning to work from injury & making ACC your BFF! When you get it wrong with health and safety, accidents happen. As a result, having staff of work can mean your small business can take a real in the pocket! The management of ACC claims can be the difference between employees returning to work […]


Workplace Accidents – What do I need to know?

When it comes to managing health and safety, we know accidents happen. A zero-harm policy, while ideal, is generally very difficult to achieve. However, that said, no-one wants to be negligent which leads to someone getting hurt. So, this leads to the questions; • what is your responsibility as an employer when it comes to […]

Health and afety spreadsheets are killing your business

Spreadsheets are killing your business!

We all love a good spreadsheet; I mean let’s face it whenever there is a list to make, sums to calculate or graphs to whip up, a spreadsheet is the go-to tool. Spreadsheets are great but they have their downfalls, especially when it comes to tracking health and safety in your small business. Spreadsheets rely […]


Bullying – a health and safety issue you are oblivious to!

Humans, we are a complex bunch aren’t we? We come in all shapes, sizes and of course personalities! Most of us spend upwards of 40 hours a week in the company of the people we work with and as I am sure you know as an employer, your job is to create and maintain a […]


Top 5 Health and Safety Myths BUSTED!

The presumptions out there around health and safety are out of this world sometimes, here are my top 5 Health and Safety myths busted! 1. As an employer, the new H&S At work Act 2015 means I am now responsible for my staff’s H&S when it used to be their problem. False: There has always […]