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Leadership…and why it’s critical to sending people home safe!

As the saying goes, Health and Safety is something that is, not something you do.

Well….not so much!

Health and safety, believe it or not is something you do, and you do it every day both at home without even knowing it. Every day when you get in your car you wear your safety belt. For those with babies, you install safety gates. You keep a first aid kit in the bathroom, install smoke alarms and security alarms. You might even have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. My point is you do this at home so why is it so hard for people to take is seriously at work?

It comes down to an innate sense of responsibility, protection and leadership within the home. We do these things we have an innate responsibility to keep the people we love and care about safe and because we care, not because some legislation told us to.

This is the average workers life represented in a jar;


Leadership is where keeping the people you are accountable for safe and healthy starts and finishes. Where is flourishes or fails.At the heart of culture is care, and therefore care is a cornerstone of leadership. We spend most of our day at work second only to sleeping, therefore, it’s vitally important to be in a safe environment with people around you who care about your wellbeing. If you as a leader (not necessarily a manager) choose not to take the safety and health of those people you are responsible for seriously, you should consider another job.

Seriously. It’s that critical.

If you care enough, health and safety is not hard. It’s not something that is, it’s something you do every day, at work and at home. If you do it right, it becomes a way of working, part of going about your day just like putting on your safety belt.

Safety culture starts with you! Lead by example and the rest will flow naturally.