Why you should care about staff wellbeing

Why you should care about staff wellbeing

Wellbeing or wellness is often deemed as one of those airy fairy nice-to-have options that small business owners can’t afford and besides, it’s just a black hole of cost, right? 

If that’s what you think, then listen up because you are dead wrong! 

Wellbeing of your employees should be front of mind because healthy people = healthy bottom line. You see higher productivity, lower absenteeism and happier staff. What more could you want? 

Wellbeing means different things to different people but essentially what we are talking about is the ability to maintain a sustainable work life balance. With the connectivity of our lives, achieving this balance can be hard. We are always contactable, our minds forever thinking about the next deadline – especially in small businesses where we need to be a jack of all trades.  

So where do you start?  

Well, let’s get one thing straight, you do not need an expensive consultant to charge you an arm and a leg to tell you what you already know. What’s that you ask? You know your people, you know what they are into, what they would appreciate and what would make their life that little bit easier. This is important because wellbeing feeds directly into your company culture which is fed by how you treat people.  

Simple things you can do make an immediate impact; 

  • set up a regular team lunch time walk, soccer game or yoga (use youtube and learn together) 
  • have fresh fruit available 
  • organize annual flu vaccinations 
  • do something for charity 
  • affiliate your business with a healthcare provider to negotiate lower premiums  
  • approach local gyms, they will often give you corporate pricing for no cost to you 
  • family friendly BBQ 
  • fitness challenge  
  • biggest loser challenge 
  • order healthy catering 
  • quit smoking groups 
  • Reward long hours with gratitude and time off with family 
  • EAP 

A little effort can go a very long way and if doesn’t have to burn a hold in your pocket. You see, all these things give your team members the warm fuzzies. Afterall, actions speak louder than words. 

When people feel valued, looked after and are physically and mentally healthy they give you their best! That’s all you can ask!