Health and afety spreadsheets are killing your business

Spreadsheets are killing your business!

We all love a good spreadsheet; I mean let’s face it whenever there is a list to make, sums to calculate or graphs to whip up, a spreadsheet is the go-to tool. Spreadsheets are great but they have their downfalls, especially when it comes to tracking health and safety in your small business.

Spreadsheets rely on accurate data and formulas, one incorrect move and your stats are stuffed. Having oversight of health and safety is even more important with the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. You need to know what’s going on and having your information in a spreadsheet means it has to be updated every time there is an accident, hazard or any other metric you are measuring. I don’t know about you, but I have better things to do!

Health and Safety should be owned by everyone and having your health and safety metrics spreadsheeted has a significant negative impact on your health and safety culture. Spreadsheets are generally stored on a network or a PC which means they are an effort to get to and are often owned and manipulated by one person. There is no efficient way to collaborate with a spreadsheet and without collaboration safety compliance and culture go out the window.

Spreadsheets have no workflow, no process and no versioning control. This means there is little evidence of having robust health and safety management. Should something go wrong (touch-wood it doesn’t) you could find your health and safety information falls short.

Moving from a spreadsheet to health and safety software doesn’t have to be hard, check out what My Safety Guru can do for you!