Health and Safety Policy

Topic 1# What relevance does health and safety policy really have on me and my small business?

Here’s a common scenario, picture this; you have a small business with two staff, Johnny and Cameron. The two blokes are well-behaved, use their common sense (most of the time) and you haven’t had a Health and Safety related incident yet. Everything seems to be running smoothly so why on earth do you need Health and Safety policy?

This is a situation many small business owners find themselves in, health and safety policy seems like paper-pushing so why go to the extra effort if things are going well?

It’s simple. Here’s another scenario;

Johnny and Cameron are out on a job and you get a frantic phone call. It’s Cameron; “Johnny forgot his safety gear today and couldn’t be bothered going back home to get it. He lost his balance and fell off a roof. He’s unconscious, badly hurt and on his way to hospital in an ambulance”.

The next phone call you get is from WorkSafe. They are coming to inspect the scene and your health and safety documentation to determine what caused the accident.

The colour drains from your face as you realise that you don’t have any health and safety documentation. You have nothing to prove that you do not condone Johnny getting on a roof with no fall arrest system. Nothing that states how you and your staff will manage hazards, nothing that indicates you even talk about H&S at all.

The moral of the story is common sense isn’t so common and when things go wrong, they can go very wrong. WorkSafe will want to see evidence of your Health and Safety processes and the best way to convey this is through policy.

Most small business owners don’t know where to start when it comes to writing Health and Safety policy. With My Safety Guru, policy is as simple as a click of a button and a few tweaks here and there. My Safety Guru comes with Health and Safety policy templates built into the system which you can customise as you see fit. Your staff need to read and acknowledge the policy so you have a paper trail of evidence. Simple!